who we are

In essence, The Unit is a specialized and reputable MENA-based business consulting firm. But what better defines us, and drives our success, beyond our sterling credentials, capabilities, and track record, is the way we conduct business: by building and nurturing relationships. 

Like members of a close-knit family, bonds of unshakable trust and respect tie us together with our clients, our partners, many of whom have been with us since day 1. The same kind of bonds also hold together our loosely structured organization, consisting of a network of professional specialists in multiple disciplines and industries. 

It is both our people’s commitment and our light operating structure that make us so flexible, adaptive, responsive, and versatile, bringing the right individuals together in ad hoc teams to address specific tasks and mandates and offer value-added solutions and results.

our key expertise

  • corporate finance
  • management consulting
  • strategy advisory
  • development advisory

our key industries

  • hospitality
  • real estate
  • retail & restauration
  • sports, media, & entertainment
  • technology & telecom
  • healthcare & pharmaceutical
  • agriculture
  • manufacturing

our edge

our team

Multi-disciplinary consultant base that boasts a diverse international work experience and an inherent knowledge of the cultural and operating parameters that govern the MENA region and beyond.

our modus operandi

A combination of a light structure, committed resources, assignment-based teams, and a close cooperation with our clients’ staff resulting in customized and winning solutions.

integrated & creative solutions

Unique blend of consulting and corporate finance & execution capabilities to deliver integrated operating and financial solutions.

niche markets

Focused on SME and mid-cap under-the-radar transactions in the MENA region and the surrounding emerging markets.

MENA expertise

Strong track record and relations with MENA investment groups, family offices, and financial institutions, providing access to capital and investment opportunities.

our team of experts

Our pool of result-focused consultants is distinguished by their North American and West European education, their inherent knowledge of the cultural and operating parameters that govern the MENA market, their varied international work experience, and their reputation for high-standard achievements.

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