real estate


Questions that may be looming on your mind at any of the pre-engagement, design, development, or implementation & ongoing operation phases of your real estate project include whether you should invest and how to optimize yield, bring your ideas to fruition, or improve performance.

In helping you to answer these and other questions, we will bring manifest added value by providing superior personalized advisory support and services focused on your best interests, as well as hands-on involvement as part of your team to ensure successful project completion.

Members of our Real Estate advisory team include architects, engineers, strategic business planners, project managers, real estate professionals, bankers, and financiers. The Unit is thus uniquely qualified to assist in all aspects of the planning, investment, and asset management requirements of any real estate project, whether as green field, brown field, or acquisition of fully developed and income-generating properties.



our real estate advisory offerings


research & marketing science

  • market & competitor trends 
  • customer insights
  • demand simulation
  • market & customer feedback


  • project feasibility
    • market
    • finance
  • strategy
    • business
    • real estate
    • market entry
    • acquisition
    • exit
  • program validation 
  • implementation planning
  • funding

feasibility studies

  • market scoping & demand potential analysis
  • demand-supply gap analysis
  • competitive environment assessment
  • strategy development

financial modeling

  • project financial analysis & viability
  • capex requirements
  • financial returns (ROI, NPV, IRR)
  • P&L & cash flow projections

due diligence

  • market overview analysis 
  • industry sector evaluation 
  • critical success & risk factor analysis

industry research

  • direct primary research 
  • secondary research 
  • consumer surveys & feedback


retail & restauration


Whether a startup or an established chain, both Retail and Restauration present businesses with a complexity and level of volatility that may be daunting at times. As specialists in both these industries, we understand that very well. Which is why we are especially well positioned to effectively help you overcome any hurdles, plan for potential ones, and also take advantage of any budding opportunities.

The Unit delivers turnkey, time-conscious, and investment-focused programs that are formulated according to a thorough understanding of the industry, affording you with fine-tuned and proven successful channels to develop your business and realize your franchise-related ambitions.

Our Retail team comprises industry veterans with experience in all areas of the value chain with some of the foremost global brands across many markets, such as fashion & accessories, cosmetics & fragrances, confectionery, multimedia & electronics, travel & duty free, and restauration. They will devise customized, result-oriented solutions to maximize your return on investment.



our retail advisory offerings


franchise development services

  • brand/investor-partner search & selection
  • lessor/lessee location advisory 

management consulting

  • strategy advisory
  • performance assessment (management, procurement, inventory planning, marketing, IT)
  • restructuring advisory (organization structure, process mapping, team assessment)
  • analytical reports 
  • ERP project management

investment advisory

  • business plans
  • market studies
  • financial feasibility studies 
  • valuations
  • M&A advisory 


our restauration advisory offerings


project development related

market research


business/economic studies

market segmentation

product analysis

pricing/sales research

demand volume estimation

running businesses related 

product re-evaluation

  • product assessment
  • technical review
  • operational efficiency testing
  • financial report analysis 


  • problem & deficiency pinpointing
  • new standard setting 

control & operation

  • auditing
  • operational & financial
  • inventory control
  • daily, monthly, & yearly statistical database creation
  • financial statement analysis
  • logistics analysis 
  • supplier deal review


  • turnaround strategy
  • result improvement 
  • critical forecasting 
  • contingency planning 
  • yield management 
  • reporting system creation

franchise related 

industry research services 

strategic planning & business plan development 

market research & competitive analysis 

prototype development consulting

franchise document drafting 

operations consulting & manual development 

web system development, guidance,  & consulting

franchise sales DVDs 

training DVDs 

franchise sales training 

franchise management training 

implementation consulting 

general consulting 

legal document revision 

operations manual drafting, review, & revision 

lead generation services 

marketing, advertising, & media planning

special projects


sports, media, & entertainment


In this rapidly growing, fast-paced industry that is highly sensitive to ever-evolving technologies, we will help you to navigate through expected and unexpected challenges and opportunities, as well as to ensure competitive edge, optimal performance, and sustainable returns for your business.

Applying deep industry understanding, data and human resources, and best practices, The Unit will provide you with comprehensive and innovative solutions that are based on market trends, sector review & analysis, and regulatory issues, among others, and that account for the most appropriate legal and fiscal structure and key financial performance indicators which meet your specific needs and goals.

As ever, the unique edge that we will also bring to the table is a partnership-style of collaboration that will see your project through all the way from ideation to implementation.



our sports, media, & entertainment offerings


business plan development

  • market assessment
  • development strategy 
  • financial study 
  • information memorandum 
  • raising capital

project management 

mergers & acquisitions

feasibility studies

strategy development 

capacity building

sales/lead generation 

revenue stream creation

market entry strategy

partnership strategy development

franchise development

digital media transformation 

contract negotiation 

traditional & digital marketing 

brand management 

technical design assessment

  • owned & operated development
  • direct-to-consumer applications
  • growth channels 
  • supporting systems 
  • technical capabilities audit

brand narrative development

  • audience insights
  • foundational strategy
  • internal education
  • fan engagement, growth, & monetization 
  • success metrics establishment 

strategic growth

  • content strategy
  • platform innovation
  • long-term O&O digital platform strategy


technology & telecom


At the very heart of everything 21st century, Technology and Telecom are also extremely complex and fast-paced industries that can be tricky to maneuver through. Unless you have us by your side, providing comprehensive up-to-date market intelligence, reducing your financial risk, ensuring you a fast & cost-efficient go-to-market, and increasing your revenue.

Leveraging a 360-degree sector understanding and expertise, broad industry value chain grasp, unique intellectual capital, proprietary knowledge networks, global industry contacts, and proven methodologies, The Unit assists global and regional telecom providers, technology players, manufacturing companies, service organizations, centers of innovation, government organizations, and others in meeting their most challenging strategic and/or operational challenges and to spot and capitalize on the most salient opportunities.

Whether you’re a Technology and Telecom leader looking to expand into the MENAT region or a local entrepreneur looking to venture into the sector, we will devise customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and goals by identifying the most suitable markets for entry, designing appropriate strategies and roadmaps, building and implementing success tactics, and delivering sustainable results.



our technology & telecom advisory offerings



  • market assessment
  • strategy, go-to-market, & business planning
  • business development
  • origination
  • synergy plans
  • target business & budget


  • high-level project management
  • pre-bidding assistance
  • technical advisory
  • target client lobbying
  • data collection & support
  • contract signature


  • support & resources
  • client management
  • payment follow-up
  • snagging
  • hand-over signature
  • contract follow-up




asset tagging


ERP advisory


healthcare & pharmaceutical


Business enterprises in the healthcare sector are facing unprecedented challenges in terms of funding constraints, increasing demand, rising costs, and higher consumer expectations. With the right expertise and skill, we will help you to overcome such and other challenges and to meet your goals, bringing you bespoke, forward-thinking solutions that remain relevant in years to come in terms of health trends, demographics, and technological advances.

Working in close collaboration with your own teams and with clinicians, patients, healthcare institutions, physicians, designers, investors, and operators, The Unit develops advisory services and solutions that ensure your facilities are efficient, safe, fit-for-purpose, and financially sustainable. We do this from scratch, and in the space of weeks or months, not years, bringing diverse and deep experience to every engagement.

Our Healthcare & Pharmaceutical advisory team and subject-matter experts deliver a comprehensive range of services to support all aspects of the funding, strategic planning, project management, viability, and development of your healthcare estates, ultimately ensuring their success, measured above all in cost-effective, high-quality care. 



our healthcare & pharmaceutical advisory offerings


economic impact studies

catchment area studies

market assessment & opportunity identification

space utilization 

business valuation

program definition & validation

project management

development strategy & business planning

information memorandum 

capital raise

growth strategies

financial feasibility studies

mergers & acquisitions assistance

operator selection & contract negotiation

site selection & land/property acquisition




Climate change, critical ecological concerns, evolving technologies, fierce competition, pandemics… We understand the mounting difficulties your agribusiness faces and are highly qualified to help you navigate and thrive in this industry by bringing world-class, multi-disciplinary, innovative thinking to devise solutions that meet your specific range of needs, challenges, and objectives.

Our Agriculture advisory team and subject-matter experts possess the necessary experience, knowhow, and agriculture-market insights to help you grow your company sustainably, enhance your efficiency, limit your costs, improve your operating model, increase your revenue, expand your markets, and much more. In short, we will provide you with crafted solutions that aim to build your company’s resilience and consequent success in an industry rife with issues and uncertainty.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever your current needs and short- and long-term objectives, The Unit will spare no effort or resource to formulate the right strategic and operational recommendations and plans to help you make sure your agribusiness gets to and remains at the forefront of industry viability, innovation, excellence, and sustainability. 



our agriculture advisory offerings


market research & assessment 

sector-specific expertise assessment

partner search & selection

financial feasibility studies

investment strategy 

project management 

marketing support & expertise 

legal, fiscal, & regulatory advisory


expansion strategies




Digitization and new technologies, along with a myriad of changing and disrupting conditions, pile on the more basic questions for manufacturing companies — product & product line, logistics, supply chain, etc. — and pose critical challenges and risk issues. With a strategically comprehensive methodology, The Unit helps you to address them all and develop innovative, responsive, and sustainable business models and solutions.

From boardroom decision-making all the way to shop floors, our tailored approach scales the overall performance of your facilities through targeted enhancements to your manufacturing structures and processes, cost profile, resource requirements, profitability, and every other aspect that ultimately contributes to keeping your business fit in a competitive environment.

In collaboration with segment-specialized subject-matter experts and third-party advisors, we provide you with turnkey solutions, implementing best practices and value-added recommendations and plans to further unlock the potential of your business and build a long-term vision for your company. 



our manufacturing advisory offerings


economic impact studies

technical support

market reach & distribution

industry 4.0 advisory

development strategy & business planning

financial & feasibility study 

capital raise 

merger & acquisition support

manufacturing strategy & organization

logistics optimization

quality processes